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Businesses adapt to lockdown

Several food-service businesses in Wasco are feeling the effect of the almost two months' long quarantine.

Restaurants such as Catrina's Mexican Grill and Cantina on F Street reopened Saturday for take-out only. Owner Marcela Bujorquez-Marquez said that the quarantine has hurt business. "We hope re-opening for takeout will help us," she said. "We appreciate our customers continuing to order from us."

Customers are asked to call ahead (661-758-3435) and place their order. When picking up the order, the customer is asked to honk their horn and someone will bring their order out to them directly, or they should give a call and let them know you have arrived. This method prevents anyone from entering the restaurant.

Another local dining spot for meals is Hoyetts Sandwich Shop on 6th Street. Hoyetts usually offers specials on the weekends, so call ahead and place your order. Catfish is usually on the menu on Fridays and a full tri-tip meal can be ordered ahead for Saturday. Call and place your order at 661-758-2065. Hoyetts offers a drive-through along the side of the building ,and cars begin lining up around 5 p.m. for pre-ordered meals.

The owner and staff at Hoyetts want to make sure the public understands how appreciative they are for the continued support they have received.

Barraza's Dilicioso Tacos is owned by Natalie Leyva. Brother Juan Leyva answered several questions about the shop and how it has been doing during the pandemic.

"We have always been a walk-up and order establishment providing only a couple of places to sit and eat, so the quarantine and distancing haven't really affected us," Juan said. "We have taped off the outside seating area with yellow tape so no one can sit down."

"Torras, tortas and quesadillas are really good," customer Orquedia Ocampo said.

The restaurant originally started as a catering truck, but when food trucks were prevented from operating in Wasco, they opened in their current location.

Barrazas, on F Street, can be reached at 661-758-8944 for to-go orders.

Additionally, two local automobile-related businesses in town have both done well during the quarantine because people need their cars fixed.

Jose Robledo, owner of H & H Automotive on Highway 46 said that he has been able to continue operating with his staff at 40 hours a week. "No one from the shop has gotten sick and no family members have been ill," Robledo said. "

He mentioned that while the door remains open; his guys are busy working in the back and practice safe distancing. "There are usually only two customers at a time in the shop," Robledo said.

"I am lucky because we have a lot of farm labor accounts, so we are able to keep busy," he said. "I applied to the state for small business aid; however, my bank informed me they ran out of funds, but a second wave of funding has been approved and my bank told me my name is still on the list."

Robledo said that he feels blessed he has been able to keep all his employees, which include two plus himself.

Another local automotive business that is still busy is MV AutoWorks Collision Center on F Street.

Even though the front door is closed, owner Vicente Luna continues to be available to his customers during this quarantine period by calling 661-758-5616 or in an emergency, 661-667-3928.

"We will be working on an appointment-only basis to assure safety and to make sure vehicles are repaired in a timely manner," Luna said. "Please call before dropping off your vehicle so staff will be expecting you."

He also said that he or his staff members will be dropping off customer vehicles by request and delivering them to the customer, also by request.

"We will sanitize vehicles coming in and vehicles being returned to customers," Luna said.


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