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Students connected thanks to Chromebook checkout

Palm Avenue Middle School lent out over 300 Chromebooks on Tuesday as part of their effort to keep their students engaged and connected while the schools are closed during the pandemic. Students had already received packets complete with work assignments that will be good for credit once school is back in session.

A line started forming well before the 10:30 a.m. start time, but the school handled the line with an organized system that got the vehicles in and out.

This program will benefit the students who may not have any resources to get connected with the internet and the distance learning programs that are being offered.

Rafael Munoz, who has two children in the Wasco Union Elementary School system, said that it is also a lot easier having one of the Chromebooks.

"We have a computer at the house, but with these Chromebooks, they come with the material loaded on them and have the links already in there. It saves a lot of headache and time trying to get set up for the different sites."

Also on Tuesday afternoon, Maple School held a Chromebook distribution of its own. Students were able to check out a Chromebook, loaded with learning materials and links to distance learning sites that enable them to take different classes online. This trying time and subsequent closure also interfered with the highly anticipated ribbon cutting for Maple School. The event has been postponed and will take place when the all-clear is sounded for the schools.

Maple has undergone a major renovation that saw the school get new administration buildings, classrooms, a cafeteria and a playground. The project began nearly three years ago and was done in phases, with the final phase just being completed.

Noami Gomez, of the Wasco Union Elementary School District, said, "We have had a line of people ever since we started today. It is hard not having the kids in class, but it is great to help them stay engaged and learning."

A variety of classes are available online through the Zoom app, including math, English, Music and social science. There are even classes on there that take the students through a physical fitness routine to help keep them moving and fit.


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