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Taekwondo Studio puts safety of students first

Tigers Taekwondo, the award-winning martial arts studio with another location in Shafter, has decided to close its doors until it is safe for their students to return.

Rigo Solorio, owner of the studio, said that it was a tough decision, but ultimately the safety of his students had to come first.

"Some of the parents were very disappointed, but we have to think of the safety of our kids. We are talking about their health and happiness."

In the beginning, some of the parents suggested maybe they could reduce the class size and rotate the students in and out, giving each student a chance to keep practicing. "I thought about having just a few kids at a time in class, but I just didn't feel comfortable putting our students at risk, even if it is just a small chance," Solario said.

The studio boasts several national champions in their fold, and it has a few students who were slated to compete in international competitions. Those events have been put on hold, forcing the kids to wait for their shot at a title. With the postponement of the Olympics until 2021, the qualifying competitions will be pushed back until they can be put on safely.

On a recent visit, Solorio was busy cleaning the studio, buffing the floors, cleaning all of the equipment and mats that are used for their practices and competitions.

"I want to keep busy and keep the studio clean and be prepared for when we get the all-clear to start back up again," he said.

In the meantime, Solorio is preparing a video for the students of different techniques and routines that they can practice to keep them sharp and focused. "We are doing everything we can to make this as easy as possible. We love our kids and can't wait to get them back on the mats. But, we know that keeping them healthy and happy is the most important thing."


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