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Focus on Local Business: Hitchcock's nearing 100 years in business

Hitchcock's has been serving the residents of Shafter and all of Kern County for over 96 years, and according to owner Jesse Escobedo, the business is going strong and will have no problem getting to its centennial celebraton.

"Business is really good right now," Escobedo said recently. In addition to his loyal customers, there's plenty of individuals who saw their grandparents shop in Hitchcock's through the years. "Yeah, it seems funny when I have a customer who will tell me, 'Hey I used to come in here with my grandpa!' "

This business can help no matter if you are a farmer who needs a part for his equipment, a person restoring a car or just someone needing a part for your truck. They have a variety of parts, supplies, cleaners and accessories that will take care of your needs.

Escobedo mentioned that he services some big accounts from the businesses at Lerdo Highway and Highway 99, as well as businesses at the Wonderful Logistics Park.

"We were able to get some big corporate accounts from some of the businesses out there. It has been really good."

Anyone who knows Escobedo knows that in addition to running a successful business, he also does much to give back to the community. He never advertises his generosity, but he doesn't hesitate when there is a need in the community. They support sports teams, children's organizations and local clubs.

Hitchcock's has a skilled staff including Jose Sanchez and David Velez, who will get most any part that you need, be it in stock or ordering it from their warehouse, which is only 12 minutes away. There, they can get almost anything that they might not have in stock at the moment. "I love my staff. If they don't know about a certain part, they will work to find an answer."

Escobedo said that he is happy with the way business is going and loves the community of Shafter.

Escobedo loves talking about an old saying that was on the paperwork back when Chuck Hitchcock ran the place: "Every time we make a friend, we grow a little."

Escobedo said that he was kind of embarrassed and reluctant to use the saying, because it was really Chuck's. "But even today, it is a great saying. Every time we make a friend, or take great care of a customer, we grow a little."

With the way Hitchcock's treats their customers, it looks like they will keep growing every day.


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