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Pastor's Corner - Feb. 20, 2020

Even if batteries aren’t included, you can make it work

How many of you have bought a birthday or Christmas gift only to get it home to find out that “Batteries Not Included” was hidden in small print on the packaging.

How frustrating is that? You have already bought the gift, now you have to buy batteries, too? It is especially irritating if you didn’t realize it until the person you bought the gift for opens it and can’t use it until somebody finds some batteries.

Have you ever noticed when this happens, it feels like you have every size battery ever invented except the ones you need?

Maybe it’s just me. It is important to realize when you buy batter- operated devices that we check to see if batteries are included. Now let’s take this concept and put into our lives today. How many of us have entered into a relationship only to find out that there are things that you didn’t know about this person.

Sometimes it is just minor stuff like they don’t rinse the dishes after they use them or they drink straight out of the carton. Other times it is more serious stuff; perhaps they have a bad temper, or an ex that they cannot seem to get over.

We say to ourselves, “This is not what I thought I was getting. I did not know; batteries were not included.”

The fact of the matter is relationships are hard. You take two people who are different and put them together with all the stuff they each bring into the relationship, and there is bound to be conflict.

Just like the gift that we gave without batteries, we find every solution to our problem except the one that works.

So, we have this gift of a relationship that is not working because we cannot find the right batteries or the correct solution.

So, what do I do? Here are a few helpful hints. First, get involved with a Bible-based, Bible- believing church. Surround yourself with people who have a successful marriage. Follow after the wisdom of those who have figured it out.

Realize that it takes work. It takes hard work, and it takes working hard at the relationship every day. Try to understand and not to be understood. Look to put other person’s needs first. Husbands, this could be a gold mine for you.

Remember, just because the batteries are not included does not mean we can’t make it work. It is my hope that you found something here that helped you or gave you hope in your relationship.

Pastor Steve Dobbs is pastor of Community Circle Church in Shafter.


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