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A lot of winners at Forrest Science Fair

Thomas Jefferson Middle School was filled with students, parents and staff over the past weekend as over 100 students from Forrest Elementary School participated in the school's first science fair.

The science fair began at 8 a.m., with parents and students arriving to set up their exhibits and making sure everything was ready.

Grades kindergarten through eighth grade were able to participate; however, only fourth through eighth competed for a spot at the county science fair on March 17 at Mechanic (Rabobank) Arena.

"Aera Energy Inc. and many local organizations reached out to offer our district monetary support to enable our kids to reach their goals," kindergarten science fair coordinator Esther Rodriguez said. "Aera completely funded this science fair and Mrs. Harris, the Leon family, Delta Kappa Gamma, Wasco Woman's Junior Club, Carol funk Hamilton, Wasco Educators Teacher Association, Montgomery Insurance and Wasco T Shirts supplied additional support to establish a savings account for our 2020-2021 science fair."

Public viewing began at 1 p.m., and an awards program occurred at 2:30 p.m.

"Sweepstakes winner awards were presented to projects that exceeded all other projects in the grade level span," Forrest School Site Science Fair Coach Esther Rodriguez said. "The projects were a phenomenal project based on work, science fair board and oral presentation."


--1st place Brielle Marquez: What is the effect of a type core on the rotation of a copper wire?

--2nd place Matthew Flores: What is the type of Alka Selzer on a lava lamp display?

--3rd place Trace Harmon: What is the effect of a battery type on the burning of a hot dog?

First grade:

--1st place Juan A. Lopez

--2nd place Ava Campos – What is the effect of a ball type on buoyancy?

--3rd place Ramon Arriaga

Second grade:

--1st place Andreya Maldonado

--2nd place Jiraiya Rodriguez – What is the effect of a type of boat design on the amount of cargo it can carry?

--3rd place Elia Alvarez

--4th place Sophia Martinez – What is the effect of a type of seed on popping rapidly?

--5th place Melissa Marin

K-2 Sweepstakes award went to Julissa Martinez.

Third grade:

--1st place Jose Barboza

--2nd place Kylee Rodriguez

--3rd place Bella Arriaga

--4th place Aaliyah Rubio Conners

--5th place Carolina Garcia

Fourth grade: These winners will compete in the Kern County Science Fair.

--1st place Scarlet Lara

--2nd place Teagan Perkins

--3rd place Sebastian Espitia

--4th place Shahab Abdulgawi – What is the effect of a type of object on blocking a magnetic force?

Fifth grade: Also competing in the KCSF.

--1st place Josh Martinez

--2nd place Saul Arreola – What is the effect of a type of soil on the growth of a bean plant?

--3rd place Artemio Sanchez

--4th place Adam Garza

--5th place Luis Rumbo

3rd-5th Grade Sweepstakes award went to Leslie Contreras for "Globs of Gluten."

Sixth grade (Competing in the KCSF):

--1st place Nubia Garcia

--2nd place Quentin Orosco

--3rd place Marisol Medrano

--4th place Cristina Carillo

--5th place Emma Gomez

Seventh grade:

--1st place Yarelli Sanchez – The effect of temperature on dairy waste decomposition and production of methane gas.

--2nd place Kierdyn Wilson

--3rd place Arturo Nunez – The effect of ingredient ratios on rocket height.

--4th place Antonio Maldonado – Accuracy of a homemade pH indicator.

--5th place Nick Contreras – The effect of bridge design on strength.

--HM: Jocelyn Martinez

Eighth grade:

--1st place Raylene Hernandez – The effect of wind turbine blade mass on electricity produced.

--2nd place Gwyneth Kelly & Alezandra Raya – The effect of dogs on blood pressure.

--3rd place Nancy Silva – The effect of ripeness on the sugar content of fruit.

--4th place Natalia Crane – The effect of major and minor keys on mood.

--5th place Rigo Campos – How the Stroop Effect influences information processing.

--6-8th-Grade Sweepstakes: Fabian Carillo – The effect of acid rain on the corrosion of metals.

--HM: Adolfo Villagomez – The effect of video games on hand-eye coordination

--HM Benito Juarez & Fernando Lopez – The effect of materials on shock absorption.

Even though there were 15 Honorable Mention awards given, only three will present at the county science fair in March:

--Joselyn Martinez

--Adolfo Villagomez

--Benito Juarez and Fernando Lopez.

"Our goal is to allow our students to learn, explore and advance themselves in the areas of math and science," Science Fair Coordinator WUESD Shannon Harris said.


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