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Tigers pass the first test – barely

The Tigers headed to East this past Friday for the round 1 matchup with the #7-ranked East Bakersfield Blades.

The Tigers were the first to receive and got completely locked down, so it was the Blades' turn with the ball, and they drove down the field and were the first to score.

The Tigers answered right back to tie the game with a 44-yard touchdown run from Christian Alvarez. The score was 7-7 early in the second quarter.

The Blades answered right back as they drove down the field and through to the corner of the end zone to take the lead. They missed the extra point, making the score 13-7.

Right before the half, East was driving down the field again. In the red zone, the quarterback dropped back to pass, threw and got picked off by Andre Cordova. That took the game into the second half.

The start of the second half, the Blades were to receive, but the Tigers came out and kicked onside and recovered the football. That set the tone for a very aggressive second half.

Both teams fought back and forth with the ball, but neither would strike. That was until 3:40 was left in the game, when Jacob Villenueva threw a 40-yard reception to Sean Sharp. The Tigers made the extra point and led 14-13 deep in the 4th.

Then it was East's last chance with the ball, and the quarterback scrambled for a few first downs, but it was too little, too late as the Tigers won to move on to the quarterfinals.

The player of the game goes to Sean Sharp for his clutch touchdown for the Tigers.

This week the Tigers are on the road to take on #2-ranked Selma. The game begins at 7 pm.


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