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Leadership rewarded at TJ Middle School

Thomas Jefferson Middle School students were recognized for their leadership during the month of September.

What is leadership, anway? "It is setting a good example for others." award winner Adriana Colemanares said.

"This year at TJ, we've implemented a new schedule, which includes a fourth period WINN [What I Need Now] class for the entire student body," said Outreach Coordinator Cassandra Reazola.

This WINN period has allowed us to place a few, of many, exemplary students in a single classroom to work together to provide extra support on campus while paving the way for their peers.

Beatriz Becerra spoke on behalf of the leadership class stating they are ready to "help make posters, prepare for rallies and be at school events" when they are needed to provide a helping hand. We have no doubt they will represent our PAW (Perseverance, Attitude and Wise Choices) motto with Cougar pride," Becerra said.

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