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Pastor's Corner - Oct. 3, 2019

James, the half-brother of Jesus, shared a bold statement that causes one to question whether he was in His right mind:

"Count it all joy, brothers, when we face various trials” (James 1:2-3).

Has life thrown more lemons at you when you try to do everything righteously? Perhaps you reconciled your relationship with Christ, and life only became more challenging.

James shares some insight in how to go through trials in a divine manner. Ask God for wisdom (James 1:5). Wisdom is like the box to the puzzle, while all the puzzle pieces can be overwhelming, the image on the box assures you that something beautiful can come out of the scattered pieces.

Sometimes your trials can seem like a mess, and your life can be in pieces. I have been there myself. You are not alone. It was God’s wisdom that enabled me to move forward and not back.

Brothers and sisters, heavenly wisdom enables us to understand and navigate through the trials that seem to startle us. I have discovered that the way we respond to trials tells of our spiritual maturity. How much have you grown since your last trial?

It is through trials that God develops us, stretches us and that we have an opportunity to come even closer to Him—to get to know him like never before.

Are you having a hard time these days? Ask God for his wisdom—ask for a lot of it!

Fernando Segura is pastor of Canyon Hills Church.


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