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An elegant Wine and Roses

Elegance was the theme for this year's Wine and Roses event held last Friday at the Recreation and Park Hall adjacent to Barker Park.

Each table was covered with a deep maroon tablecloth and adorned with a gold pillar centerpiece holding a maroon rose on top.

The atmosphere felt rich, and guests were heard commenting on how beautiful the room looked. This was quite a change from last year's event where everything was "rock and roll" and guests wore poodle skirts and leather jackets. This evening was a bit more formal.

"We create a different theme every year," Orange Heart member Orquidea Ocampo said. "We like to change it up."

A table was set up with festival Featured Artist Shirell Sanford's artwork to give attendees a quick glance at some of the projects she has worked on in town. Several Wasco Rose Festival t-shirts from past years that were designed by Sanford were on display. There was also a picture of the "W" painted on the back of the Wasco High gymnasium.

Newly crowned Rose Queen Elisa Flores arrived early in order to greet everyone who attended this event in her honor.

In addition, a large table was set up in the middle of the dining area, filled with a selection of appetizers. A wine and beer bar was available at the back of the room.

Brittany and Leonardo Sanchez tended bar and were able to visit with everyone who purchased a drink. "This was our first time at this event," Brittany said.

Mayor Alex Garcia was first in a line of many to be introduced to the attendees. He then introduced Danny and Petra Rueda, one of the couples serving as grand marshals, along with Ken and Tina Newman. "I'm a bit biased," Garcia laughed. "The Ruedas are my cousins so I know them very well."

When Garcia introduced the Rose Queen, she was inspired to warm everyone up with her humor and public speaking ability. She gave a brief personal history and insisted that she is available and would love to hear from anyone who would like her to do something. "I'm here for you," she said.

Of course, the Wasco Woman's Club members were more than thrilled. They chose Elisa to sponsor. "She is something very special," Jill Drescher said. "I think this is the first time we have won with our selection." Members of the club were spotted congratulating each other for a fine selection and mentioned that member Sarah Reding made the decision to select Elisa.

"Our girl's got talent," President Marlene Swan said.

Even though local chiropractor Carol Fran Hamilton was unable to attend the pageant, she was thrilled to be at the Wine and Roses evening.

When council member Gilberto Reyna was asked his favorite part of the pageant, he replied, "I liked it all."


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