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Wasco Rotary talks code enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer Matthew Maldonado presented the city's enforcement codes at the most recent Rotary Club meeting.

City Manager Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez introduced Maldonado to the Rotary members, and Maldonado gave an overview of what code enforcement is.

"Code enforcement is looking at quality-of-life-issues," Maldonado said.

In addition, "Code compliance reinforces the city laws, building codes and property management," Maldonado said. "We also establish maintenance standards and procedures."

He stated that while Code Enforcement gets a lot of public nuisance calls, its priority is public and health safety and the welfare of its residents.

Following his presentation, Maldonado included a quiz by asking the members to answer different questions on whether something was a code enforcement issue or a personal issue:

He indicated that issues such as buckling walls in a building, and no heat or water, are code issues. However, code enforcement is not a tool for two neighbors who don't like each other.

Also, Maldonado mentioned even though the governor has canceled the most recent drought alert, the City of Wasco is still on a watering schedule where even-numbered addresses may water on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday while odd-numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


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