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Recycle shout out: Way to go Redwood!

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Redwood Elementary is implementing recycling / re-use in a new unique way. The school has started a program called "Kindness Recycled." It is a movement promoting kindness to each other and the environment. The message behind the movement is "it takes five kind words or acts to counteract the effects of just one negative word or act."

The students make bracelets from recycled products. The plastic ring was a six-pack ring that normally goes into the trash but is now made into jewelry. The students then give the bracelets to others as an act of kindness to one another and our environment.

Way to go Eagles! You are a great role model to our community.

What is Kindness Recycled?

A social movement from the heart. Students create bracelets out of recycled six-pack rings which serve as a reminder that kindness makes our world better.

An opportunity to improve our environment. Six-pack rings are now recycled into meaningful pieces of jewelry rather than polluting the landfill or waterways.

How does it work?

A message amplifier. As students wear their bracelets and gift them to others, they are consistently reminded of the importance of showing kindness to one another and the environment.

More information is available at

-American Refuse


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